Be Happy feng shui

Friendship is like a flower,
Glowing in its glory,
Each and every seed,
Telling its own story…

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Painting feng shui is called “Be Happy ” Flowers are symbolize people, there are 3d CAD model with various techniques, which I developed. Especially special movie effect called “Dispersia”. This effect has evoke time flow that feeling which we often block. Rays in painting are stopped ideas. Painting has induced to consider of priorities and fully realization in our short life, mostly to spend time with people, which love us and not with people whom we are insensitive. Colors are making harmonic atmosphere at house. There is 3d CAD render.

High quality canvas, acrylic, metal or photopaper prints with frame according to your choice you could buy till dimensions 34″ x 48 “ and also detail view at famous eshop on below link

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