Oil is spending …

Sucking resources of our mother Earth and instead looking for a source of energy that is independent from resources of Earth, all development we bet on one card, I remind that card is one hundred year old and it is Standard model that base built Einstein. I do not occupy that, because of divide until I reach Calabi Yau manifold—String theory is waste of energy, because of such scale reach quantum limits in for centuries we discovered only combustion engine, transistor and led diode. Laboratory behind CERN that are breaking atoms into new forms is also hooey, because of that forms of atoms were already occurred in nature.
Back to Standard model, divided and divided and progress forward to quarks. Unfortunately basic elements of matter are never appearing isolated but only in pairs. To separate them means we could solve atom from them as we know from TV series Star-Trek. Unfortunately time that separate quarks are appearing is so small that is no chance of reach them. But what I would like to say, if we do not focus energy only for one card and finding anti-weapons for opponents weapons, but to find alternative energy independent of Earth resources, maybe we are presently flying warp speed in universe.
I can´t stay positive because in free time I am dealing with Quantum mechanics, simulations wave-particle duality of light, that I think is field has future because of principle Standard model is to divide and divide and this has principle instead of divide and divide, is to combine. Standard model and String theory are billions budget projects without practical use. I am free time independent scientist and achieved further progress with limited budget from my savings of little hard earned money with no support and no base from any side !!
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