Today is 29 August, Memorial day of Slovak national UPrising against facism

People always ask me, you as surname Golian, was that Slovak general Ján Golian in Second World War your family? Even my grandfathers both mother and father side fought in Slovak National Uprising, them fascists didn´t get.


What caused rise of EVIL and global WORLD WAR ?? Below analysis is regarding global consciousness harmony of equilibrium. Global consciousness harmony of equilibrium is EQ+IQ=0. Basic terms are defined in my review on below link

What caused total damage of equilibrium global consciousness?


Around that period were born too many intelligent scientists, that caused birth of too many egoists.



It has been started with scientist Ludwig Boltzmann IQ, EQ [2, 0.5], Boltzmann constant k=1,380662.10E-23 [J.KE-1]. At the end of his life he dealt with determinism, that open gate for total have broken equilibrium of consciousness and finally Boltzmann hanged. Boltzmann opponent in equilibrium of consciousness was Sigmund Freud.


Sigmund Freud IQ, EQ EQ [-0.5, -2] was Jew who suffered deep depression and his teaching of psychoanalysis led for modern psychology, I  note that psychology is pseudo-science !! Pseudo-science therefore that ignore for millennium knowledge of smartest people collected for Bible. This pseudo-science led to present human crisis and finally depressed psychologists have their own depressed psychologists –such a  science.     Game of damaged equilibrium consciousness continued other games. Very important role here is playing Jew Albert Einstein IQ, EQ [-2, -0.5] that is mentioned as the greatest scientist, but nobody know that stole relativity from scientist Planck, atom bomb I am not commenting and research that his foundation led to CERN going to give not anything practical for other hundred years. At end of his life despite Einstein is famous for relativity, dealt with determinism and suffered deep depressions.

Rich Jews made very big mistake that bet on one card and FAKE- Einstein [-2;-0,5] and sponsored Hitler EQ [-1, -1] instead of Tesla IQ, EQ [1,1]. Tesla’s patents we are using free of charge and do not realize that AC, radio, X-Ray … and also his controversially visions present science proved that are correct.

Rich Jews bet on one card and wrong so pay with Holocaust. During Holocaust were made experiments on Jews as rats. “Thanks“ this we have today plastic surgery, various drugs, contact lenses … Further fascist development led to weapons such missiles, submarines, beginnings of atom nuclear bomb …

That fascists achievements we are using also at present times. Women are damaging their beautiful bodies with plastics, controlled misiles are shooting to civilians…   Predict only that history of this toys from past is sticking to present.

   Beast Hitler was defeated but harmony equilibrium of consciousness was NOT established. Raised another beast Stalin and Czechoslovakia became a victim of communism.


This beast had tried of soften Slovak MAN, Alexander Dubček, resulting of invasion Russia army plus other ” allied ” countries.

Even elite Spetsnaz units with 500000 army of five countries failed to stop of pirate radio broadcasts of Dubček secret radio stastions, that supported citizens of Czechoslovakia of died minimum people even of World War III conflict issue.

Czechoslovakia got step for ” negotiation ” with BIG Russia.


When this war is going to be over and will be established harmony of consciousness???

There is nothing really black in Universe. But this society led for point that evil is propagated, proclaimed, appreciated and be became hero of present times. We are leading for stage that we are unable to distinguish light from dark—good from bad. There is necessary to name thief is thief– no developer, gold digger is fucking bitch…

© Peter Golian

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One thought on “Today is 29 August, Memorial day of Slovak national UPrising against facism

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    Today we are celebrating Victory in Europe Day, generally known as V-E Day, VE Day or simply V Day, was the public holiday celebrated on 8 May 1945 to mark the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces. It thus marked the end of World War II in Europe.

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