Today is Memorial day of 11th September 2001, terrorist attack on World Trade Centre !!


world trade center


11th September 2001 there was NOT only fall of two most highest buildings, twin towers in New York- World Trade Center, there was NOT only terrorist attack, there was NOT


Fall of twin towers –World Trade Center was attack for most important issue that each country has, scientific experts, financial elites that died in World Trade Center of terrorist attack was act that USA through further financial collapses never stands off.


There are many speculative theories, that French secret intelligence knew about upcoming terrorist attacks and even, that well-known Hollywood actor Steve Buscemi, which starred in movie Con Air that is involved in that.


I also analyzed what is behind World Trade Center terrorist attack and below is my study.


From management theory there are three kind of, core processes, support processes and services. The main core process are producing values such as cars, phones, personal computers etc. shortly goods. Services that I am going to for further speak about get most of money from all processes, there are banks, shops, etc. Processes for example in automotive industry are tuned for high quality. Even service get of most money from processes, for such as fill primitive form pay banks experts for further statistics to teach them that, such a rubbish level !!

 Even customer is always right  core process that is producing values and money, banks people are behaved as arrogant customers for their ” clients ” !!


We CAN NOT, we DO NOT know and even there is possible, there is speaking of bank that we are pumping of our money. Even financiers as Warren Buffett says that banks must for each event producing tons of money. System is setup Warren Buffett says that people should sharp come of. Tune your bank processes in finance for level of automotive processes and then we could speaking about that bank even also must give people any chance for reserve.


WHAT cause primary terrorist attack of World Trade Centre, THERE WAS ENVY, envy bankers, envy of officers in banks that people even could not let breathe living fairly !!

At the End what to say of that ?  If a person becomes president of USA from  financial circles of Wall Street, America does not get out of the crisis and awaits us all very, very difficult times !!!

seven deadly sins envy on world trade center


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