Seven temptations according to Holy Bible categories

Started Advent 2016

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Each Year we are celebrating Christmas, but only few people know, whose birth we are celebrating and his MESSAGE. Holy Bible is describing seven deadly sins such as vanity- envy, sloth- wrath, lust – avarice and gluttony. This is our “Cross“ that we are carry and origin of our misfortune. To some level this temptation drive us further, but if this level is up of limits finally are devastating us and sometimes kill us.

There is long path for church to separate this temptations into categories. In present too hard age this temptations are as I say “sticking“ and there is too hard to find core sin.
I am working on complex analysis. Present progress I stratification immaterial energies so called seven deadly sins that are discharging.

There are three categories:

vanity <–> envy
sloth <–> wrath
lust <–> avarice
Special category is gluttony, from this temptation we should first be…

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