sinWOW(e) !!

Flow of beast sticks such as flow of science. Most interesting times are about GENgHIS Khan, cAEsar …

Hunted for core and there is confidence !! (what you BELIEVE:BE&LIVE and who do you serve)
Confidence stratification is knowledge vs. ego fight (article below)


sin, seven deadly sins, holy bible

one eye snake 🙂 there is message of Lord Jesus that Adam and Eve had to engender from innocent conception (self fertilization)


Root cause is EGO (God complex) of our parents, break of The First commandment ” You shall have no other gods before me (sinwow) “

If I take into account that Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him (sons of Adam and Eve) there is so !!

There is nothing really black in Universe. But this society led for point that evil is propagated, proclaimed, appreciated and be became hero of present times. We are leading for stage that we are unable to distinguish light from dark—good from bad. There is necessary to name thief is thief– no developer, gold digger is fucking bitch…

We all shall feed good ” wolf ” (article below) !!!

Thank you 🙂

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