What is happening on the Earth ? Physicists are assuming, TIME TRAVELLING or BLACK HOLE covered the Earth !!


There was first April day of jokes. Perhaps this article better suits for first April but I assure you there is NO JOKE !!

Physicists are assuming that black hole covered the Earth, may be we are travelling time.

Truth is no futher of.

We have two hemispheres logical thinking about and abstract thinking about, could be analogy of some articles for IQ and EQ ( I am the best player of piano, chess etc. but I could not screw to table/ Moravec´s paradox).

Fight of this two hemispheres due to new tech (article about) is as we are on drugs.

  • If you are COMPUTER EXPERT ask yourself “ Could I manage myself building of my own house? ”
  • If you are MANAGER ask yourself “ Could I make my new bathroom ? “

Answer of both above questions is probably NOPE.

One of hemisphere abstract or logical, beated other. We could see everywhere and got problem of. Not problem we see (invidia) but not see and make us inner angry.

Problem is defined and how we have dealt with is on us !!



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