black friday sale !

Friendship is like a flower, Glowing in its glory, Each and every seed, Telling its own story, As each flower blooms, And then continues to grow, More of its strength and knowledge,Continues to show, And like a garden, It blooms much more fair, When carefully tended, With a good heart to lend, By those who care, Once in a while,You come acress a friend, Who is as beautiful as a flower,s o I picked this flower, And pulled it apart, And soon all its pieces, Grew into my heart, But when I realized, Is that this flower that grew, Was not leaves and petals, But pieces of you, Your love and kindness, Your strength and power, Have helped me grow, Into my own little flower, And now with our friendship, I will never let go, And we can help others, To flower and grow, Feng shui, feng shui home, painting for living room, painting for bedroom, feng shui fortune, feng shui wealth, feng shui flower, feng shui flowers, black friday, blogging, life, arts, art&desing, art & design, sell, feng shui stuff, feng shui pillow, feng shui cloth, feng shui clothes, life, life is what happens, black friday 2018, black friday sell

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