5 elements introduction

Notice we are persistance of habit that in the evening when we go to bed how we are covering :

1. water (fresh drink, not “Coca Cola”…);

2. food (healthy, not “Mc Donalds”);

3. light (Carpe Diem, use of the day from 5:00 to 19:00);

4. fresh air (it should be ventilated that the window is open wide for 30 seconds and it will air out whole room);

5. society (not “toxic” people).

This and the things around it is the creator of our happiness or unhappiness.

We need strong habits to secure this items. Temptation of wrath, avarice, envy (man) and sloth, lust, vanity (woman) is spreads of some bad habit that shall be under control as smoking, alcohol, conspiracy sites, nonsense, mafia …

Opposite of temptation there are virtues peacefull, precision, bounty (man), active, chastity, meekness (woman) but high level of virtue there is difficult of achieve as we must achieve under control even negative thoughts.

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listening, understanding, accepting, remembering, applying



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