wow wow wow amulet

vanity (woman), envy (man) fake side of kind, adrenaline, stress, spreads by on drugs ) I I even I am from Klokociny (street) so everybody is from Klokociny Vanity (woman) temptation description : Where is no warm and heart there is no love, beauty, success there temper temper mon captaine (tamporary) hearty always win ! […]

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I I even I amulet

LUST (WOMAN), AVARICE (MAN) FAKE SIDE OF HELP !, MAGIC, OCCULTISM ETC. SPREADS BY IDIOCY BEHAVIOR, NONSENSE, RUBBISH ETC. We have a system, nobody never ever heard about but there is, CHAOS there is not system ! Lust (woman) temptation description : Princess of lust Dignity put to dust Virginal site There apple for bite […]

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noW, Now, NOW amulet

sloth (woman), wrath (man) temptation is fake side of confidence spreads gamers life, easy life etc. spreads by alcohol, cigarettes, etc. You be&live but what you see ? Sloth (woman) temptation description : “ Aim there is not moving without give themselves break, aim is managing issue within term.” Sloth sign: terminate I am fine finality […]

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gluttony amulet

Women temptations of gluttony Adept ? Intention to experience ? Imminence ? Principle of autonomy ? Men temtptations of gluttony Master ? Principle of reality ? Susceptibility ? Potentation ? e-shop from trusted portal Redbubble

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