wow wow wow amulet

vanity (woman), envy (man) fake side of kind, adrenaline, stress, spreads by on drugs ) I I even I am from Klokociny (street) so everybody is from Klokociny Vanity (woman) temptation description : Where is no warm and heart there is no love, beauty, success there temper temper mon captaine (tamporary) hearty always win ! […]

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I I even I amulet

LUST (WOMAN), AVARICE (MAN) FAKE SIDE OF HELP !, MAGIC, OCCULTISM ETC. SPREADS BY IDIOCY BEHAVIOR, NONSENSE, RUBBISH ETC. We have a system, nobody never ever heard about but there is, CHAOS there is not system ! Lust (woman) temptation description : Princess of lust Dignity put to dust Virginal site There apple for bite […]

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noW, Now, NOW amulet

sloth (woman), wrath (man) temptation is fake side of confidence spreads gamers life, easy life etc. spreads by alcohol, cigarettes, etc. You be&live but what you see ? Sloth (woman) temptation description : “ Aim there is not moving without give themselves break, aim is managing issue within term.” Sloth sign: terminate I am fine finality […]

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gluttony amulet

Women temptations of gluttony Adept ? Intention to experience ? Imminence ? Principle of autonomy ? Men temtptations of gluttony Master ? Principle of reality ? Susceptibility ? Potentation ? e-shop from trusted portal Redbubble

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5 elements light

LIGHT Translation from latin of Carpe Diem is interpreted differently, but translation that seize of day, so the Sun shines quasi from 5:00 to 19:00. It is necessary to realize that in the office, if we do, we have, among other activities, fully productive two hours when we can create added value. Many people spend […]

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5 elements Water

WATER There is too necessary point out that there is enough for eat half kilogram of food (I do not want tak about calories etc.). That what to do when we eat enough and we are hungry ? For answer of that we must going to Tibet. Tibetians drinks half a liter of tea per […]

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5 elements Air

AIR Genius loci (100% IQ) or spirit of place there is not only just about people, beautiful women but also horn of plenty so called of songs, graphics, HD, playstation etc. Each place has its own haze (smell). North pole is melting, there are climate changes, weather is changing due day. How for dress when […]

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5 elements Society

SOCIETY I highly recommend give a goal for you life even there is too high still is focusing path of your journey. Nobel prize for math, each engineer even is trying Millenium prize problems of try solving for one million dollar reward each (so called Nobel prize for math) or Nobel prize for literature there […]

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5 elements Meal

MEAL People are divided into two groups, those who live to eat, and those who eat of live. Anyway, half of what we eat go on nutrition and the other half on doctors (diseases). Feudalism fell, so did communism (Slovakia, EU etc.), traditional meals such as steaks, goulash, … high calories foods that were needed […]

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5 elements Preparation

Preparation for We all have a “million” things, some of which we don’t need as well as old contracts from bank accounts, books we never plan to read, etc. but also things we have memories of, books, presentations that we have based somewhere in the shelf and we would like to read them, etc. If […]

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