5 elements Preparation

Preparation for

We all have a “million” things, some of which we don’t need as well as old contracts from bank accounts, books we never plan to read, etc. but also things we have memories of, books, presentations that we have based somewhere in the shelf and we would like to read them, etc.

If you has to move to an alone island, would you know how to pack all the necessary things by doing so I don’t think things to survive, solar panel, ax, things needed to start a fire, fishing rods fish, the island be in the tropics with a year round source of fruit this you would already be there.

But that’s all you need to feel like “at home” could you pack in two suitcases, in the case of each family two suitcases?

Nobody moves to a alone island, but at home we are where we have a work and we know safely sleep the night.

To make you feel at home anywhere, could you pack all the necessary things in two suitcases ?




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