5 elements Air ☳


Genius loci (100% IQ) or spirit of place there is not only just about people, beautiful women but also horn of plenty so called of songs, graphics, HD, playstation etc. Each place has its own haze (smell). North pole is melting, there are climate changes, weather is changing due day.

How for dress when it rains during the day it is like nice weather and in the evening  is cold ?

I recommend of dress of five degrees colder than predicted outdoor temperature .

Ventilation of room even family there is too big project of due to many people, many opinions.

Ventilate so that a window opens wide for 30 seconds, the air vents the entire room and stay that there for 30 seconds due to people issue. Why you are opening windows at summer, there is warm air from outside coming !! This is a phenomenon that is not properly understood as  air flows, which also cools the air in the room.

Of spreads

sloth (woman), wrath (man) temptation is fake side of confidence spreads gamers life, easy life etc. 

You be&live but what you see ?

Sloth (woman) temptation description :

Aim there is not moving without break, aim is managing issue within term.”

Sloth sign:

  • terminate
  • I am fine
  • finality
  • that perfection

Wrath (man) temptation description:

Head full of negative there is no space for positive creations

Wrath sign:

  • initiation
  • expectation origination
  • unpredictibility
  • I am uniques

picture below confidence issue around

metaphysical review of 

TO®naDO ?
TOrnaDO ?

 picture below confidence issue about

sloth (woman), wrath (man) temptation is fake side of confidence spreads gamers life, easy life etc. issue NOW, NOw noW that amulet

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types of fear regarding temptations below picture

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