5 elements light ☲



Translation from Latin of Carpe Diem is interpreted differently, but translation that seize of day, so the Sun shines quasi from 5:00 to 19:00 is correct.

It is necessary to realize that at office, if we do that work, we have, among other activities, fully productive two hours when we can create added value.

Many people are spending the night because around ten o’clock at night until two o’clock at night when the body is used to falling asleep are also fully productive hours, but this is of expense of sleep during that day.

It is necessary to set that we have a fully productive two hours a day and  of week, in addition to other activities, we can solve not only what “burns” and normal activities, but also one very complex problem, I say precise and close that, no ten times same issue half a year is repeating.

Beside necessary ride around build house and grow family we have also our small dreams of about learn play guitar, learn programming languages, learn English, language, France etc.

Regarding circadian clocks our cells are working in cycles described as biorhythms. Date of birth there are quasi zero, around celebrate birthday therefore, even this good society is improving biorhythm. There are too many biorhythm calculators online, we shall see that when we have crossed emotional, physical or intellectual that we feel asleep even there is no claim of.

For learning something I recommend full biorhythm cycle.

I recommend this cycle of daily work if weekend is free :

Sunday : there is starting week, fully start that;

Monday : there is necessary for do most work;

Tuesday : close issues from Monday;

Wednesday : there is that some managers etc. wake up and  is  going to new issues;

Thursday: close issues from Wednesday;

Friday: quasi small folk and close small issues of that week gap,

note chaos companies that people call this of every week work would doing tree hours of Friday when all people are preparing for weekend relax, this can ruin biorhythm, so called work, of two weeks or more and further forward for burnout even manual work that work should be without stress, all things prepared (of engineers), smooth work not toil work

Saturday : day off, cleaning, relaxing, celebrating


vanity (woman), envy (man) fake side of kindness, adrenaline, stress, spreads like by on drugs

I I even I am from Klokociny (street) so everybody is from Klokociny

Vanity (woman) temptation description : Where is no warm and heart there is no love, beauty, success there temper temper mon captaine (temporary) hearty always win !

Sing of vanity :

  • intention to control
  • intention to experience control
  • flux of change
  • principle of change

Envy (man) temptation description: Tea my TEA !!!

Sing of envy :

  • perception
  • discrimitation
  • principle of lawfulness

picture below could awake from envy

vanity (woman), envy (man) fake side of kind, adrenaline, stress, spreads by on drugs METAPHYSICAL review

peACE ?


PeA©E ?

picture, vital habit of envy that is bounty and how could achieve growth

vanity (woman), envy (man) fake side of kindness, adrenaline, stress, spreads by on drugs spreads of words


that amulet, below picture is describing envy would do

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types of fear regarding temptations below picture

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