5 elements Meal


People are divided into two groups, those who live to eat, and those who eat of live. Anyway, half of what we eat go on nutrition and the other half on doctors (diseases).

Feudalism fell, so did communism (Slovakia, EU etc.), traditional meals such as steaks, goulash, … high calories foods that were needed for nutrition in high physical work in the field country side, remained, although hard manual work was automatized and many people work in office work mostly. Mainly because of this, many people are overweight (height-100 = weight?), although I personally say that one feels fit when the hole after the tied umbilical cord on the abdomen sees the abdomen evenly.

What to do if we like such food and we want to lose weight what to do in such a case. The simplest

the way to lose weight is a simple trick to exchange wheat bread (white) for wheat-rye (black) or cereal.

When I worked at multinational corporation, I always had menu C, a vegetable salad, for lunch. Colleagues they laughed if I won´t be hungry. After a month, one colleague tried it, then the others, and it happened that after half a year there were so many people interested in menu C vegetable salad, that who came later menu C already it was not available.

So how to eat healthly ? I recommend eating what we like for breakfast, lunch and dinner pasta.

Pasta, cheese, olive oil, spices and vegetables in decreased prices in the retail chain.

Many websites are professionally aim to this, so I will not discuss it further.

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